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We started working in the travel industry and tourism over 20 years ago. We are a group of professionals, combining experience and studies in specialized careers, having honed our skills  in renowned companies  whose careers are  backed by national and  international contacts. This whole journey puts us in a prestigious position in the market and our team complies with absolute solvency and commitment; implementing effective communication skills  with customers  and providing all the necessary management to ensure results.

Andrea Romero 1andrea@smartofficereps.com
She has been involved in the  Argentine travel  market since 1990. Her  career has developed for over  10 years with  leading local tour operators.  She has  specialized in marketing campaigns and media marketing  as  commercial operations director, developing PR tasks, sales team management and participation in major markets in the region that provided important international contacts.
María José Gonzalez 1mariajose@smartofficereps.com
Is a  tourism professional since 1993.She has  served in various prestigious companies in the industry always B2B dedicated to the commercial area. Sales, training, business management and development of product launch campaigns are her  specialties. She trained in marketing and tourism businesses advisers selecting human resources for commercial work and assisting in all matters relating to sales and marketing.
Mike Poots1 mike@smartofficereps.com
He began his career in tourism in 1977 in Britain, where he  founded a company in London operating regular City Tours aimed at the Spanish and Italian speaking markets. After 19 years of this activity he moved to Argentina to be  associated with a Wholesale Travel Agency  which  he currently owns. He has been a regular consultant to Visit Britain and AtoutFrance and  promoter of the Office of Tourismireland. He is president of the Argentine-Irish Chamber of Commerce, providing legal, accounting and operational assistance to companies interested in settling in Argentina.